Visual garden plants with a fresh and modern vibe

Our labels are specially designed to give a fresh and modern vibe to our visual garden plants that are perfect for your garden, balcony, or terrace.

Van den Dool Botanic is now known to many customers, both locally and abroad. Our target demographic comprises of the business market. A wide selection of shrubs are produced for customers such as: auctions, exporters, wholesalers, and garden centres

Caryopteris x clandonensis collection


With the right variety of plants in your garden or on your terrace, you can fully enjoy your garden or terrace in bloom all season.

We have an extensive selection of garden plants. For every season we have a fitting and innovative selection! A large portion of our garden plants are frost resistant and therefore can last through winter. Additionally, our garden plants only get bigger and more beautiful every year.

High quality garden plants

Thanks to the great care we give our plants, we are able to produce high-quality plants for you. Within our company, we use natural fertilisers as much as possible. The pots and labels are made from recycled materials. Additionally, we produce according to MPS standards, an environmental certificate which ensures that sustainability becomes more integrated into our company. MPS standards are internationally recognised and leading in the horticulture sector. If you see an MPS-A qualification on a product, then it has been produced in a significantly environmentally friendly way. Van den Dool Botanic has an MPS-A+, GRASP & MPS GAP qualification; which we are very proud of.

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