Andromeda polifolio


A dwarf bush that belongs to the heather family. Also known as lavender heather. Did you know the Andromeda was named after a beautiful princess found in Greek mythology? The discoverer saw her pure beauty in this plant, with its stunning pinks and whites, during one of his botanic trips to Scandinavia in 1735. And to this day, this plant brightens up many gardens. To stimulate the best growth, the higher cultivars can be pruned lightly in spring. Replanting this plant or planting in a rock garden is not recommended.

  • Types: Blue Ice, Blue Lagoon & Compacta.
  • Maintenance:prune higher cultivars in spring
  • Winter hardy: yes
  • Pot size: 15 / 19 cm
  • Colour flower/berry: pink
  • Application: garden / terrace
  • Certification: MPS-A
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