Rhaphiolepis – Cloud serie


An Indian hawthorn is a newcomer in the Rhaphiolepis species. Originally from warm and subtropical climates, but nowadays also very popular in our gardens. The evergreen shrubs have fragrant flowers and vibrant green foliage. They bloom in April and May and have little white, light pink or bright pink flowers. This plant is often used as a potted terrace plant. Because of its little growth this is a perfect idea. It can also be planted into the ground, however, in winter it will need to be covered. When planting the ‘Cloud series’, use long-lasting potting soil, mixed with garden peat.

  • Types: Pink, Red & White Cloud
  • Maintenance: maintenance-friendly
  • Winter hardy: moderately hardy
  • Pot size: P15 (1,5 ltr)
  • Colour flower/berry: pink, red and white
  • Application: garden / terrace
  • Certification: MPS-A
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