Sambucus Nigra Golden Tower


The ‘Golden Tower’ name already gives away what makes this Sambucus nigra so special. ‘Gold’ because of its green-yellow leaf, which appears to be gold in the sunlight. And ‘Tower’ because of its narrow but tall growth. The elderberry has deeply cut shaped leaves and a white blossom in summer. Maintenance is simple. Plant into a moist, humus-rich soil, providing half shade. The shrub is very cold and frost resistant. The Golden Tower will reach 3 metre heights and can be 70 centimetres wide. Its slim shape makes it into an ideal plant for both larger and smaller gardens. A true eye-catcher, bringing height and colour to your garden.

  • Types: Golden Tower
  • Maintenance: regular pruning
  • Winter hardy: yes
  • Pot size: P19 (3 ltr)
  • Colour flower/berry: white
  • Application:garden
  • Certification: MPS-A
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